About Douw Smith

My practice is called Flowmotion Rolfing because I view freedom of motion, ease and lack of pain in the body as signs of optimum physical function. We are embodied beings, and much of our experience of life is mediated through our physical experience. When the body is misaligned we have bad posture. This creates strain on the various parts of the body, which results in inflexibility — less range of motion, more pain, less energy, a less attractive appearance, and lessened self esteem. Our posture is an expression of who we are, and how we feel. Our bodies radiate our sense of inner self. By creating balanced structure, Rolfing is a way to come into harmony with our bodies, to maximize the joy and pleasure we can experience through our physical movement. We come to understand our bodies as more than silent, or, worse, nagging companions on our journey and see them as our vehicle for experiencing the exquisite focus of the physical.

I am a Certified Advanced Rolfer, trained at the Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado. (See the links page for directions to the Rolf Institute website.) My experience of being Rolfed while attending college was transformative in a number of ways, and combined , Reichian and bioenergetic therapy, was my introduction to conscious embodiment. I trained as a Rolfer in 1997, and have had hundreds of hours of continuing education in Rolfing subjects as well as visceral manipulation. I am also a certified craniosacral therapist.